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Audio Guide (Winamp)

Winamp basics explained

Winamp is a powerful media player capable of playing multiple digital audio formats, including mp3 and wav. It consists of one main window with several control buttons similar to that of a real hardware audio player. We recommend version 2.x over the latest version 3 as it is around for a while and is thus very stable.

The top left black window represents either the time already played or the time remaining in a song. The top right window represents the filename or the ID3 information tag of the audio file. The two smaller boxes right below represent the bitrate and the frequency of the file, and on the right specifies if it is mono or stereo.

Previous Track - Skips to the previous song on the playlist

Play - Plays the current song in the playlist or resume from pause

Stop - Stops the current song from playing

Next Track - Skips to the next song on the playlist

Eject (Open File) - Click to open a new audio file

Shuffle - Plays songs on the playlist in random order

Repeat - Repeats and loops the current playlist

Equalizer - Opens the equalizer window (for advanced users only)

Playlist - Opens the audio playlist

Playling a file

  1. 1. Launch the program Winamp from your Desktop.

  2. Click on the Eject (Open File) button, a window will pop up for you to browse through your local drives.

  3. Choose the audio file you wish to play and click on Open. It should play automatically.

Adding a file to the playlist

  1. Winamp has the ability to create a playlist, where you can skip tracks like a normal CD player or loop it so it plays over and over. To open the playlist, click on the Playlist button. You will see the following window:

  2. To add a file to the playlist, click on the Add button. You will then have the option to add from an URL, a folder or a file; Choose Add File and select the file you wish to add. Repeat the step for different files.

  3. To add a folder to the playlist, repeat step 2 but choose Add Folder instead and select the folder which you wish to add. This option is used when you have an entire folder full of audio files which you wish to add. It will save time rather then having to add them individually.

  4. To add an URL to the playlist, repeat step 3 but choose Add URL instead and type in or paste the URL which you would like to play. Winamp has the ability to stream audio files via the world wide web.

To download the Winamp 2.x player, please visit www.winamp.com

Look for a logo on the top right corner labelled "Looking for Winamp 2?"

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