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Image Viewing Guide

Which image viewer should I use?

You may use image viewers to view your favorite anime pictures, and even scans of popular japanese comics called Manga. Advanced software gives the user the ability to zoom in and out and to view pictures as a slide show. But which is the right viewer for you? If you have Windows XP, we recommend you use the default image viewer called Windows Picture and Fax viewer. It has all the advanced functions of an independant image viewing software, and best of all, it comes free with Windows XP. If you have Windows 98 or 2000, we recommend you use ACDSee 5.0 from ACD Systems.

There is also a large list of other available freeware and shareware viewers at www.tucows.com

Viewing images using Windows Picture Viewer in Windows XP

  1. Make sure the Windows Picture and Fax viewer is the default viewer for the file format which you wish to view. We will use JPG in our example.

  2. Right click on any JPG file in Windows Explorer and click on Properties. You will see the following window:

  3. Next to Opens with: should be Windows Picture and Fax viewer. If it isn't, click on Change... and select Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as illustrated below.

  4. All JPG files will now be viewed with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer by default. You may view the pictures as a slide show as long the files are in the same folder. The window will be similar to the one below.

    These buttons will allow you to skip to the next or previous image in a particular folder. It also follows the alphabetical order of filenames.

    The first button will make the image best fit to the screen, the second one will change the image to its actual size and the third button will turn on the slideshow mode.

    These lens buttons will allow you to zoom the image in and out.

Viewing images using ACDSee

ACDSee is one of the most popular and powerful image viewers available. It has advanced features other programs lack. ACDSee has two interfaces, the Browser window and the Viewer window. One of the most powerful features of ACDSee is its ability to view archive (zip, rar, cab etc.) files without the need to unzip it. To do so, just use the Browser window, select the zip file, and double click to start viewing the archive. You can even run a slideshow if the files are named sequentially. Only the Viewer interface will be explained and shown below.

The Viewer window toolbar consists of several buttons similar in functions to those available for the Windows Picture and Fax viewer. The key shorcuts will be explained below.

Open - Opens a file dialogue box where you can browse through your drives and select the image you wish to view.

Previous - Views the previous image in the folder, group or slide show.

Next - Views the next image in the folder, group or slide show.

Slide Show - Starts and stops a slide show of the images in the currently opened folder, or groups of images.

Zoom in - Zooms in the image.

Zoom out - Zooms out the image.

Zoom - Displays a drop-down list of different zoom options.

Move to - Opens a dialog box where you can select a folder to move the currently viewed image to.

Copy to - Opens a dialog box where you can select a folder to copy the currently viewed image to.

ACDSee is not only a great image viewer, it makes it easy to organize and share your digital picture archives.

To download the a fully functional trial version or to purchase ACDSee 5.0, please visit www.acdsystems.com

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