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Basic Guide

Advanced Guide and Troubleshooting

Basic Guide

Divx 5.02

This is currently the most popular video codec being used worldwide. It is reknown for its high quality encoding and decoding capabilities. You can download the decoding codec for free. The pro version contains adware and most users do not need the encoding capabilities within the codec.

Download links:

DivX 3.11A

This is an older version of the DivX codec, but is still the prefered standard of many video encoders. It includes the original divx video and audio codecs.

Download links:


From the same developers of the original DivX 3.11A, XViD is a brand new codec similar to Divx 5.02. It has the same high quality encoding and decoding capabilities and is fast gaining popularity as it is free.

Download links:

Microsoft MPEG4V2-V3

This is an older codec developed by Microsoft. Many individuals still use this as a standard for their digital video encodings.

Download links

Radium MP3 Codec

If you play a video file and there's no sound, you may be lacking a mp3 codec. Download this codec to fix the problem.

Download links

  • Doom9 - under Audio Tools

Nimo Codec Pack

Nimo is a compilation of all the most popular video and audio codecs currently available. This is highly recommended for all new users. It includes divx 3.11a, 5.02, xvid, mpeg4v2/v3, various mp3 codecs and more! Check out the full list at http://nimo.everwicked.com/ of all the codecs it contains.

Download links

Advanced Guide and Troubleshooting.

Proper Order for Installation

If you do not wish to install the Nimo pack, you may install individual codecs of your choice. However, you must do so in a proper order or the video files might not play properly.

The proper order is as follows:

  1. DivX 3.11 Alpha
  2. Divx 5.02
  3. XViD
  4. Ogg Vorbis Audio codec
  5. Ogg Directshow filter

If you had installed in the wrong order and the video playback is not working, please uninstall each codec one at a time. Reboot your machine and re-install them in the order given above. Certain codecs will require you to reboot your machine after installation or uninstallation.

Troubleshooting XViD problems

Several people have reported problems playing XViD files on their system. The symptom is that the video plays in slow motion while the audio track runs normally. This could be caused by incompatibilities with their video card or video codecs. One of the solution is to install a program called FourCC and change it’s CC code to divx.The following are instructions on using the program, which is included with the Nimo pack.

  1. Run FourCC.
  2. Open the XViD avi file which you have had problems with.
  3. Both windows on the right will say XViD. You must change the 2nd one to divx in lowercase. It is absolutely essential that you type it in lowercase or it will not work!
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Close the program.
  6. You should now be able to play the file properly in your selected video player.

Using files with OGM DirectX filter (Method also applicable to Matroska files)

The OGM direct show filter allows you to play Divx or XViD video files with both different language tracks as well as subtitles. This is similar to watching a DVD for those who are familiar with it.

The following are instructions on how to choose different audio tracks if available, and turn subtitles on/off in Windows Media Player 6.4 (included with Windows 98 SE, 2000 and XP). WMP 7.x and 8.x do not support this feature.

To Start Windows Media Player 6.4 in Windows 2000 or XP

  1. Go to Start -> Run

    Type "mplayer2.exe"

To play OGM files with different audio tracks or turn subtitles on and off:

  1. Open the ogm video file in WMP 6.4
  2. Click on Play then Languages
  3. If Available you will see different tracks available. The following is an example.
    • Sound Japanese
    • Sound Spanish
    • Subtitle off
    • Subtitle English
    • Pick the options you want and play!

It is highly recommended that you make Windows Media Player 6.4 your default media player. It is indeed older, but it is a much more stable version, and has less problems playing the average digital anime video files.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please leave us a message at support@animehive.com or use any of our support options.

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